Organic Tahini (Tahin, Sesame Paste)

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Organic Tahini From Ethiopian Humera and Sudanese Gedaref Sesame.

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Gil’s Bio Tahini

  • Bio Tahini, Tahina, Tahin or Thina… = 100% sesame paste!
  • Mild, nutty rich flavor and aroma
  • Very fine grinding (45 micron)- for extra creamy texture
  • Made from Gedaref and Humera Sesame type- the best in the world
  • Very light roasted- following Lebanese recepie
  • Best Before: November 2022

Our high grade organic stone grinded Tahini has unique mild taste, delicate sesame aroma with high protein content We use only Ethiopian Humera and Sudanese Gedaref sesame to produce a bitterness free, creamy, aromatic Tahini. After light roasting it is grinded in a traditional stone mil and bottled in state of the art factory.

Our Tahini style is made following Lebanese tradition, and fits perfectly middle eastern dishes as Hummus, Siniya, Tahini dip etc.

Our Tahini has no additives, no added salt, no Titanium Dioxide.

Produced under the strict BRC Food standard. We monitor each batch with in-house laboratory to make sure no contamination has occurred. We also use external lab services (SGS) to help us monitor the quality and safety of the product.

Where Gil’s Bio tahini comes from ?

Our Tahini is produced in Turkey. We import the finest organic sesame from Ethiopia – Humera region and Sudan- Gedaref region and produce the Tahini in Turkey.

Why is our Tahini so special?

Few aspects make our Tahini truly unique: ♥ We produce it in the highest standard factory using advanced machines where all process are controlled and food safety is guaranteed. ♥We follow traditional Lebanese preparation methods- which give a light amber Tahini with sweet notes. ♥ We use only organic Humera/ Gedaref sesame. – sesame from this origin gives a unique nutty aroma and creamy texture.

Why should you buy Organic Tahini?

Organic tahini is made with organic sesame. Our farmers in Ethiopia and Sudan do not use pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This is better for the environment, the soil, biodiversity and also for the farmers themselves. Organic sesame costs more money because the yields are lower and farmers have to work harder. However this creates better living for farmers because they work in pesticide free environment and they do not have to import expensive chemicals to use in their field. Therefore we are happy to pay a little more for a product that is clean from pesticides and create healthy environment and healthy farmers.

What can you do with tahini?

Tahini has many uses. Making dips, sauces, baking cakes and bread. You can find lot’s of inspiring ideas on YouTube, Instagram ets. I personally love to make tahini dip that goes very well on bread, with roasted vegetables ( like ♥Aubergine♥) and of course to make Hummus!

A basic recipe for Tahini dip
Preparation time :3 minutes


♥ Tahini ♥ A bit water ♥ Lemon juice ♥ Salt ♥ Garlic ♥ Parsley

How to prepare:

Put half cup Tahini in a mixing bole

Add lemon juice, salt and garlic to taste, chopped parsley if you like. You can also use preserved lemon juice and garlic powder, dry parsley …

Slowly add water and mix continuedly until the tahini binds with the water. Add water until you get the desired thickness. Usually I use about 50% tahini and 50 % water.

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Average Nutritional Facts (Per 100 g of Product)
Energy (Calories ) 673 kcal Carbohydrate 13.2 g
Fat 61 g -Of which Sugar 1.01 g
Saturated Fat 9.89 g Dietary Fibre 9.78 g
Trans Fat 0 g Calcium 77 mg
Cholesterol 0 g Iron 6.4 mg
Salt <0.03 mg Potassium 395 mg
Protein 22.3 g Vit D3 <0.25 μg/100 g
Vit D2 <0.25 μg/100 g
Tahini Aubergine tahini

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